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Hockey and Lacrosse Players Benefit From Pilates

Hockey and Lacrosse Players Benefit From Pilates

Hockey and Lacrosse Players Benefit From Pilates because reformer classes are great for maintaining strength, flexibility, and balance, which is essential while playing.
Pilates reformer classes can be an excellent addition to the training regimen of hockey and lacrosse players, providing benefits such as improved core strength, increased flexibility, enhanced balance and coordination, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and endurance building.

How Hockey & Lacrosse Players Benefit From Pilates

Enhances core strength

Core strength is vital for maintaining good posture and control during hockey and lacrosse games. Pilates reformer exercises primary focus is building core strength, including the abdominals, back muscles, and pelvic floor muscles, which can help players maintain stability and lessen the risk of injury.

Enhances balance and coordination

Pilates reformer exercises emphasize proper alignment, balance, and coordination, which are essential for hockey and lacrosse. Pilates can help players improve their balance and coordination, allowing them to control their movements more effectively and respond to sudden changes in the game.

Builds endurance

Pilates reformer exercises can help build endurance by increasing muscle strength and flexibility. Improved endurance can help hockey and lacrosse players maintain their pace and avoid fatigue during games.

Increases flexibility

Hockey and lacrosse players need flexibility, particularly in the hips, lower back, and legs. Pilates reformer exercises can help increase flexibility by stretching and lengthening the muscles, improving the range of motion, and reducing stiffness and soreness.

Aids injury prevention

Hockey and lacrosse players are at risk of injuries, particularly those related to overuse or trauma. Pilates reformer exercises can help prevent injuries by strengthening the muscles and improving flexibility and balance.

Aids injury rehabilitation

Pilates reformer can help after an injury by providing low-impact exercise options to help players maintain strength and flexibility while recovering from an injury.