ReformYou Pilates Studio Located In Henderson, NV offers Pilates Reformer, Barre, Chair, Matt, & Spring Wall Classes.

ReformYou Classes

ReformYou Classes

Learn your settings for the V2 Max Plus Reformer Equipment & Intro Class of MAX REFORMER 1

The advanced design of the V2 Max Plus™ Reformer is customizable to your body to ensure proper alignment for maximum fitness results.

A 50-minute class includes learning personalized precision bar & springs, the carriage, the retractable rope system, and traveling pulleys settings. Receive an introduction to classic sample movements for the V2 Max Plus and a 30-minutes.

Great for 1st-time clients, post-rehab athletes, or even as a refresher for those returning to Pilates to check any unwanted habits. Learn the How & Why of Pilates to start your journey to a stronger core, longer, leaner muscles & the Mind-Body connection to improve your general sense of well-being.
Our instructors will utilize the V2Max Reformer & Vertical frame, with the aid of small Props, to work you out head to toe.

Building on the essentials learned in level 1, this class moves faster as you explore movements requiring more coordination & different levels to challenge balance, stability & overall body awareness.

Our instructors will utilize the V2Max Reformer & Vertical frame, with the aid of small Props, to give your workout an extra kick that leaves you wanting more.

Ready to level up your workout? Fine-tune your Pilates practice as you progress into more advanced exercises, testing your endurance, utilizing inversions & standing postures with less assistance from the springs & more reliance on body control.
Are you looking to put the Spring back in your workout? Grab some quality airtime on our jump board & cardio tramps. It’s all your favorite Reformer moves with the added benefit of cardio. **Experience in Reformer class required**
Whether standing or lying, with a bevy of small Props to aid & intensify muscle activation, our Mat or Barre classes are an excellent compliment to your regular equipment workouts.

Flipping back & forth between Chair & Spring wall exercises tones the entire body and improves balance by challenging the muscles with body weight, coordination, and spring resistance.

During these routines, you will discover how less support for your spine requires more focus on your postural muscles & a deeper connection to your core: same exercises, different sensations.

Practicing mindfulness during a Pilates session is about turning off the autopilot and expanding your awareness of how your body intentionally moves, the breaths you take, and the willingness to allow your mind to focus on YOU for the time you are in class.

There are six principles of Pilates:
(1) Centering
(2) Concentration
(3) Control
(4) Precision
(5) Breath
(6) Flow

Myofascial Release Classes can benefit people of all ages and fitness levels. They can help to relieve pain and tension, improve flexibility and mobility, enhance athletic performance, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as improve posture.

Myofascial is a network of tissue throughout the entire body connecting muscles, joints, and bones.

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